Affectionally known to his friends as simply

Leonard T Zinn
Legendary Steel Guitarist
Member of
The Steel Guitar Hall of Fame
a member of the famous
"101 Ranch Boys"
he loves
Hawaiian Music
and it shows

     Jimmy Day, Leonard T. Zinn, and DeWitt “Scotty” Scott were standing on the stage of the convention talking, after Jimmy had finished his set. Jimmy put his arm around Leonard and said to Scotty, "I don’t know if you know this or not, but I owe this man so much. He was a great inspiration to me, because when I was a teenager living in Texas, I used to listen to the 101 Ranch Boys on ABC Radio Network. I used to turn on that radio every Saturday at noon, so I could hear their steel guitar player who was Leonard T. Zinn. I would sit by the radio and try to copy the things he played".
     "This one particular Saturday, Leonard played “I Love You Because”. That did it for me, as I knew that was the way I wanted to play the steel guitar".
      "I worked hard on getting that smooth sound that I heard "LT" play".
     Then Jimmy gave Leonard a big hug and both of them ended up with tears in their eyes.
     This was an amazing honor for Leonard to hear, coming from this champion of the steel guitar, Jimmy Day. A much loved and well respected steel guitar professional. A memory "LT" will always treasure.







Background song of LT's recorded live
in The Hawaiian Room at the
International Steel Guitar Convention
in St. Louis Missouri.



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